Of Mice and Minestrone: Hap and Leonard The Early Years by @joelansdale

Pull up a seat and sit a spell. Master storyteller Joe R. Lansdale has cooked up a passel of tales for you about the unlikeliest duo East Texas has to offer.

Hap Collins looks like a good ol’ boy, but from his misspent youth on, his best compatriot is Leonard Pine–black, gay, and the ultimate outsider. Inseparable friends, Hap and Leonard attend family gatherings, climb into the boxing ring, get in bar fights, and just go fishing–all while confronting racism, righting wrongs, and eating copious, delicious food.

Chock full of Lansdale’s unique blend of humour, ferocity, and insight, Of Mice and Minestrone delivers five never-before-seen (plus one perhaps familiar) Hap and Leonard stories, a selection of the boys’ favourite recipes, and an introduction from New York Times bestselling author Kathleen Kent.

So come discover the legends of Hap and Leonard, created by Joe R. Lansdale his own self, and featured in the by Hap and Leonard TV series starring Michael K. Williams (The Wire), James Purefoy (The Following), and Christina Hendricks (Mad Men).


[I MUST HAVE BEEN SIX or seven at the time, and it was an event that went on for years, this gathering of relative – THE KITCHEN]


(Tachyon Publications, 14 May 2020, 240 pages, ebook, ARC from @TachyonPub and voluntarily reviewed)




I’ve read some things featuring Hap and Leonard before but wouldn’t say that I’m a massive fan. That may about to change because I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The title is obviously a play on Of Mice and Men and Hap and Leonard’s relationship is very similar to the friendship explored in that book. However, they also remind me a lot Angel and Louis from John Connolly’s book. They’re my favourite secondary characters so this is a good thing. I enjoyed every tale in this collection. The best was the title story which was pretty dark and incredibly sad. I really need to read more of Hap and Leonard’s adventures if this book is an example of what they get up to.


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