The essential second volume of bestselling author Peter S. Beagle’s (The Last Unicorn) short stories, including one previously unpublished and four uncollected stories, shows again that Beagle is one of America’s most influential fantasists. With his celebrated versatility, humour, and grace, Beagle is at home in a dazzling variety of subgenres. Evoking comparison to such iconic authors as Twain, Tolkien, Carroll, L’Engle, and Vonnegut, this career retrospective celebrates Beagle’s mastery of the short-story form.


She had no idea where she was going.



(@TachyonPub, 16 May 2023, e-book, 374 pages, ARC from the publisher via @NetGalley)




I enjoyed The Essential Peter S Beagle Volume 2 a bit more than Volume 1. Many of the stories are grounded more in the real world with a touch of fantasy which appealed to more. Some the stories in Volume 1 were familiar to be but I hadn’t read anything in Volume 2. I enjoyed the anticipation of wondering what I would find when I finished a story and turned the page. I loved all of the stories. I especially liked Sleight Of Hand, The Rabbi’s Holiday, Marty And The Messenger, Mr McCaslin and The Fifth Season.


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