#WatchoverYou by M.J. Ford

‘Superb, gritty and realistic’ MEL SHERRATT, million-copy bestseller

The hunt is on. And this time, it’s personal…

When DS Josie Masters is called out to a house in North Oxford to investigate a serious incident, things take a personal turn. The body is Harry’s – her friend and former colleague.

Josie thought Harry lived alone, but evidence suggests he’d had a lodger – a young woman who has fled the scene.

And as more killings stun Oxford, the police discover the picture is more complicated than it appeared.

The young woman is on the run, and someone is following her – leaving a stack of bodies in their wake…


‘We’re just the same, you and me’ said Grady.


(@AvonBooksUK, 9 July 2020, 252 pages, ebook, #ARC from the publisher via #NetGalley and voluntarily reviewed, #BlogTour 21 July)




I’ve never read the author before, though I have false memories of reading his work. Weird! Anyway, this is a great introduction to his work and more books have been added to my TBR list. This has everything I expect from a good thriller; fast pace, twists and turns, misdirection, realistic police investigation and great characters. Josie is a great character. You get to see her as a new mother and a great police officer in Watch over You. The book is quite dark at times as more and more bodies pile up and Josie and her team discover who the killer is and just why he’s pursuing the young woman. I enjoyed everything about this book.

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