The Shape of Us by @JackieCioffa

The Shape of Us celebrates all the complexities and authentic beauty of real, everyday women. Cioffa’s essays and poems are intimate and relatable, a deep dive into the roles of being female. Unapologetic, triumphant and poignant, Cioffa doesn’t shy away from complex mother-daughter relationships, sexual and physical abuse, body shaming, insecurities, self-worth, and complicated friendships, while celebrating the empowerment and admiration of the delightful and dirty business of being female. Self-discovery, self-love, and pearls of wisdom only discovered after a life in the trenches of modelling, fame, aging, and a nervous breakdown. The Shape of Us boldly asks and answers the question, what it means to be a strong, opinionated, independent woman.


[She won’t hesitate to call out a bully, misanthrope or liar / she will stand tall, pull her shoulders back while sobbing / heaving hysterical for the plight of another WOMEN WHO SHAPE US]


(Independently Published, 11 March 2020, 112 pages, #ARC from @JackieCioffa and voluntarily reviewed)




I’d never heard of the author before and decided to read this collection because the blub intrigued me. This was a sold call and I really loved this collection of poetry and short essays. I enjoyed the poems the most, of course, being a poem loving freak. This collection is very relevant is modern culture and the depiction and still inequality of women in society. Many of the poems are written as if they are words of wisdom spoken to young girls who are experiencing issues such as bullying or low self-esteem and I enjoyed these the most. The women depicted her are fierce, bold and unforgettable. I loved every word.

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