#SeaOfBones by @TheDebODonoghue

A murdered girl. A buried secret.

Juliet is used to wielding power and influence in her line of work, but when her beloved niece dies, she finds herself powerless in the face of her grief and has doubts over the coroner’s report of suicide.

She travels back to her family’s remote coastal home where Beth was found. As Juliet delves deeper into the investigation, her personal and professional lives collide and she unwittingly finds herself pitted against dangerous opposition who seem intent on silencing her.

In order to expose the truth behind her niece’s death, Juliet must face the fact that nobody in her life is who she previously thought them to be – including herself.


[As she runs along the beach, she knows it’s the last time she’ll see the mudflats at Culbin]


(@Legend_Press, 1 July 2019, ebook, 288 pages, ARC from @Legend_Press, #BlogTour 11 July #Legend100)




This is an impressive book for a debut and I cannot wait to see what O’Donoghue comes up with next. I read a lot of thrillers (I mean a whole fricking lot). It takes a lot to impress me. Books that have been rated highly by other readers have left me cold. Sea of Bones impressed me so it’s really good. One of the best bits about the book is that it’s set in Scotland, in the Moray coast and parts of Inverness and Elgin. I’m Scottish and feel a flush of pride when I read a great book set in my home turf. There are really not enough books set in this amazing country. There should be more!  I digress. Anyway, the setting is perfect for the book and I completely fell in love with it and was transported there with every page. Like most thrillers, Sea of Bones is full of twists and turns and misdirection. I love a bit of that! I didn’t want the book to end.


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