Phoenix: Transformation Poems by Jessica Goody

The sideways glance, the quick turn of the head, the sudden look up: these provide Jessica Goody’s angle of vision into the fleeting experience of the world that is captured and rendered in her lines.


[Patterns catch the eye, crawling along wallpaper and / upholstery in a melange of colours and textures, rendering / the room as exotic as a harem, draped with vivid / slipcovers of Moroccan arabesques and damasks JAZZ]


(CW Books, 1 March 2019, 102 pages, ebook, copy via @PoeticBookTours #Blogtour 23 April)




This is my first time reading the poet. I read a lot of poetry and I write a lot as well. I have specific tastes when it comes to the poetry I like. For example, I rarely like poems about nature and the natural world. I love poems about being a human and human experiences and that sort of thing. Phoenix: Transformation Poems contains many poems of the sort I really enjoy. The poems in this collection were a pleasure to read. Goody knows how to write poems that contain great imagery, are vibrant and full of love and life. What I enjoyed most about this collection is the diverse range of subjects Goody tackles. My favourite poems include Changeling, The Edge of the World, Dusk, Wetlands, Spring Rain and Skin.

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