Neon Soul

32334099Neon Soul by Alexandra Elle
Published by Andrews McMeel Publishing
Expected publication 21 March 2017
160 Pages

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I was given an ARC of this book by the publisher via NetGalley and voluntarily reviewed it.


In short, powerful verses, Alexandra Elle shares a hard-won message of hope.

Alexandra Elle writes frankly about her experience as a young, single mother while she celebrates her triumph over adversity and promotes resilience and self-care in her readers. This book of all-new poems from the beloved author of Words from a Wanderer and Love In My Language is a quotable complement to her beautiful blog and Instagram account.


From Neon Soul

Lately, I have been longing for something to fill me and light my world on fire again.


This is my first time reading the poet. One thing I will add before my review is that this book has the sub-title ‘a collection of poetry and prose’. I read the whole thing and have yet to find any prose. The poems were, for the most part enjoyable. Elle uses simple, easy to understand language in the short poems scattered through Neon Soul. The themes explored are universal and represent something almost anyone will be able to get on board with and relate to. The poems are of varied length from two lines to almost a full page. I enjoyed the poems but didn’t find them particularly emotional or deep. For the most part, the poems all looked identical on the page with lines containing the same number of words creating a choppy look. I’d have preferred more variety in the way the poems were structured as they were very ‘samey’. I did really like the poetry prompts at the end. Overall, Neon Soul was enjoyable if a little simple for my tastes.




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