Phoenixes Groomed As Genesis Doves by Jasmine Farrell REVIEW

Phoenixes Groomed as Genesis DovesPhoenixes Groomed As Genesis Doves by Jasmine Farrell
Published by Nezra’s Expression
Published 7 May 2016
138 pages
Review copy

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I received a copy from the poet’s publicist and voluntarily reviewed it.


Phoenixes Groomed as Genesis Doves is a collection of poetry that draws the reader into the world of personal identity, inner growth and the complexity of human relationships. Ordinary and common images, especially ones found in nature, are used to craft poems that appeal to the uncommon, the suppressed and the others. Filled with incredible grace and accessible wisdom, the poems explore a wide range of complex emotional themes. With unexpected metaphors and sparkling similes, the pieces vary in rhythm and theme making each one like a foil-wrapped candy: something to savour, enjoying each new bright colour on the tongue.


From I’ve Always Wanted to Be a Poet

I’ve always wanted to be a poet.
A master of metaphors, stretching out experiences one line at a time.
Bleed in blank ink, letting strangers knows they are not alone.


I really enjoyed Phoenixes Groomed as Genesis Doves. This collection is packed with the type of poetry I enjoy the most. The poems are narrative, lyrical, bold and fierce and I had a great type with them. Farrell’s poetry reminds me a lot of the poems by Penny Arcade in my favourite ever poetry collection, Verses That Hurt: Pleasure and Pain from the Poetfone Poets. A hell of a lot of bold ideas and imagery is packed into this collections pages. I devoured Phoenixes Groom as Genesis Doves (great title by the way) in one sitting. I really need to check out the poets other collection, My Quintessence. My favourite pieces included the title poem, Serene’s Coffee Shop, Curiosity Killed the Girl, Old Ladies and Their Love Stories, The Quiet Ones and Secrets. I’d highly recommend this collection.




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