Fiction Review: Trail of Echoes by Rachel Howzell Hall


TITLE & AUTHOR: Trail of Echoes by Rachel Howzell Hall
PUBLISHER: Titan Books
EDITION: Paperback
RELEASE DATE: May 31 2016
PAGES: 319 pages




I was given a free copy by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


Detective Elouise “Lou” Norton is called to Bonner Park where the body of thirteen-year-old Chanita Lords has been found. Lou discovers that the victim lived in the same building where she grew up and Chanita was clearly exceptional destined to leave the housing projects behind. Not only that but other talented girls have gone missing. When she receives taunting clues that arrive too late to prevent another death Lou knows that it’s only a matter of time before the killer comes after her…


AT TWELVE THIRTY ON A RAINY WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, I WAS BREAKING ONE OF my cardinal rules as a homicide detective: Never eat lunch with civilians. But on that Wednesday in March, I sat at a Formica-topped table in Johnny’s Pastrami with no ordinary citizen.


Trail of Echoes is a fantastic thriller. The characters are well written and very easy to like and sympathise with. Lou was my favourite. I really liked the storyline of the novel. I thought I knew who the villain was and couldn’t have been more wrong. I love it when authors surprise me and lead me down the garden path. There’s nothing worse than a predictable novel with plot holes big enough to drive a truck though especially when you see all the ‘surprises coming’. Trail of Echoes is not one such novel. I was taken by surprise several times as I read. I’ve never read any previous novels in the series so was worried I would miss links but this never happened. Like the Charlie Parker novels by John Connolly Trail of Echoes can be read on its own. There were a couple of references clearly linked to other books in the series but nothing that affected my enjoyment of the book. I will probably read the other two books in the series because I enjoyed Trail of Echoes so much. I’d highly recommend Trail of Echoes.




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