Review: Last Light by Dean Koontz


Last Light by Dean Koontz
Harper (ebook), 2015
91 Pages

Author Website

Amazon (UK)


From bestselling author Dean Koontz comes an ebook original novella, the first of two tales that pave the way for his new novel, ASHLEY BELL. A woman with a good heart and a troubling gift. A man with a twisted soul and a terrifying talent. In this literal war of wills, only one can survive.

With just a touch, Makani Hisoka-O’Brien can see the deepest secrets that others conceal—and it frightens her. There’s danger in the terrible knowledge that floods her mind and haunts her conscience.

With just a touch, Rainer Sparks can learn the biggest problems that others bear—and it thrills him. There’s profit to be made making problems go away, by any means . . . including murder.

In a place as big as Southern California, these two might have never met and discovered one another’s chilling abilities. But good and evil have a way of colliding . . . with shattering consequences.


When Makani Hisoka-O’Brien met the murderer, she thought he was a nice guy, perhaps just the one with whom she might want to share her life.


Last Light ticks all of the boxes; well-written, great storyline and good characters.

Last Light apparently paves the way for Koontz’s novel, Ashley Bell. For the past few novels Koontz has released a novella that introduces some element of his new novel, such as character or plot. Mad genius that he is. I loved Last Light. Makani is a great character. I really liked the concept of the novella; how Makani meets someone with a similar psychic gift who happens to be a serial killer. Imagine being able to see such darkness inside someone? Tres creepy. I enjoyed the whole set up and the way the story is executed. Who doesn’t love a twisted game of cat and mouse every now and then?

Last Light is very enjoyable and a quick read. Damn you Mr Koontz because I need to read Ashley Bell now.




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