#TheScarletCircus by @JaneYolen

The Scarlet Circus, the fourth volume in Yolen’s award-winning short fiction series brings you passionate treasures and unexpected transformations. This bewitching assemblage, with an original introduction from Brandon Sanderson, is an ideal read for anyone who appreciates witty, compelling, and classic romantic fantasy.

A rakish fairy meets the real Juliet behind Shakespeare’s famous tragedy. A jewellery artist travels to the past to meet a successful silversmith. The addled crew of a ship at sea discovers a mysterious merman. More than one ignored princess finds her match in the most unlikely men.

From ecstasy to tragedy, with love blossoming shyly, love at first sight, and even love borne of practical necessity—beloved fantasist Jane Yolen’s newest collection celebrates romance in all its glory.


There once was a Prince called Sans Soleil, which is to say, Sunless.



(@TachyonPub, 14 February 2023, e-book, 256 pages, #ARC from the publisher via @NetGalley)




I’m a fan of the author and have read other story collections so couldn’t wait to read The Scarlet Circus. I love fantasy and these stories were perfect. I enjoyed each and every one. I liked the fact the stories are all quite different so no two were the same so had a surprise every time. I liked the fact the stories are quite dark at times which was unexpected. I especially liked Dusty Loves, A Ghost Of An Affair, The Sea Man and Peter In Wonderland.


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