Ashes in the Snow by @OrianaRamunno

A young Jewish prisoner…

Auschwitz, 1943. It’s snowing outside and Block 10 looks even bleaker than usual. Gioele Errera, a young Jewish boy imprisoned in the camp, finds the body of an SS officer.

A detective with everything to prove…

Hugo Fischer is sent to investigate the unexplained death of the renowned Nazi. But Hugo is hiding a secret – he is suffering from a degenerative disease. The only way for him to survive is to give his support to the Reich and hide his condition.

A confrontation with pure evil…

In Auschwitz, Hugo comes face to face not only with a complex murder, but with a truth – that of the Final Solution. And he is forced to decide what is most important to him – and who, if anyone, he should try to save…


‘Eins, zwei!;. Gioele counted the steps between the dormitory and the doctor’s office in German.



(@HarperCollinsUK, 20 October 2022, e-book, 336 pages, ARC from the publisher via @NetGalley)




This is a new author for me. I really enjoyed Ashes in the Snow. I read a lot of historical fiction and have read a decent amount with Nazi’s as the subject matter so I was on familiar ground with this book but the subject matter is the murder of an SS Officer which is a new one for me. As you’d expect from a book set in this era, this is a rather grim read, brutal at times but well-written and compelling.


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