Boys, Beasts & Men by @sentencebender

In Nebula Award-winning author Sam J. Miller’s devastating debut short-fiction collection, featuring an introduction by Amal El-Mohtar, queer infatuation, inevitable heartbreak, and brutal revenge seamlessly intertwine. Whether innocent, guilty, or not even human, the beings in Miller’s gorgeously crafted worlds can destroy readers, yet leave them wanting more.

Despite his ability to control the ambient digital cloud, a foster teen falls for a clever con-man. Luring bullies to a quarry, a boy takes clearly enumerated revenge through unnatural powers of suggestion. In the aftermath of a shapeshifting alien invasion, a survivor fears that he brought something out of the Arctic to infect the rest of the world. A rebellious group of queer artists create a new identity that transcends even the anonymity of death.


Our teacher, Mrs, Strunt said the allosaurus coming to Hudson Falls was the best thing that ever happened to Hudson Falls, but the worst thing that ever happened to the allosaurus.



(@TachyonPub, 14 June 2022, ebook, 330 pages, #ARC from the publisher)




I tend not to read story collections but authors I’m not familiar with but Boys, Beasts & Men sounded very good and the author does get a lot of praise so I decided to go for it. These are not quite the stories I expected, a blend of queerness and Sci-Fi but I found them very entertaining. The stories have a linking device when an unnamed person meeting a creepy stranger who infects them with the power of stories. This was a nice touch. The stories are a decent mix with some better than others. I especially liked We Are The Cloud, The Beast We Want To Be and Conspicuous Plumage. I’d recommend this.   


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