#dustofhope by @judy_croome

Judy Croome’s latest collection of poetry returns to the ancient ways of the Nordic runes, to shine a light of hope and healing as we navigate through the wilderness of anxiety permeating these early years of the twenty-first century.

The simple verses console the reader with a calm acceptance that, even during a global pandemic, everyday life ebbs and flows with the natural rhythms of the timeless oceans.

Here are poems that invite us to stop, to breathe, and to see the world around us from a new perspective birthed within the centre of our souls.


creativity is play.

but from where

does that creative spark arise?



(Aztar Press, 8 September 2021, ebook, 150 pages, copy from the poet, #BlogTour 27 January via @PoeticBookTours)




This is a new poet for me. I liked the concept of the collection, poetry inspired by different runes. I’ve come across runes before, mostly in different mythologies so was intrigued by this concept. Each rune is drawn in two different ways so has two meanings which I thought was original. I enjoyed all of the poems which cover a broad range of topics such as love, loss and hope. This collection contains the first covid poems that haven’t made me cringe or roll my eyes. I was impressed by this collection.


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