#Septuagenarian by #SherryQuanLee

Septuagenarian: love is what happens when I die is a memoir in poetic form. It is the author’s journey from being a mixed-race girl who passed for white to being a woman in her seventies who understands and accepts her complex intersectional identity; and no longer has to imagine love. It is a follow-up to the author’s previous memoir (prose), Love Imagined: a mixed-race memoir, A Minnesota Book Award finalist.


Baby born silent, silent as her mother’s wound;

still waters. Not a wave. Not a storm.



(@mhistorypress, 1 March 2021, ebook, 102 pages, copy from the publisher, #BlogTour 12 May via @PoeticBookTours)  




This is a new poet for me. I enjoyed every poem in this collection. You can tell the poems are personal, you can always tell and I’d have known the collection was a poetic memoir if I hadn’t already been aware of this fact. I felt like I had intimate access to the poet’s memories and innermost thoughts and feelings. I prefer poetry that comes from personal experiences and history; it’s much more accessible and powerful. And there’s some powerful stuff here. The poet’s experiences are vastly different to my own which made these poems a pleasure to read.


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