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#Impermanence by #RenPowell

A facsimile of a Mad Orphan Lit hand bound book – mixed media artwork and 42 poems by Ren Powell. This collection focuses on how things come together – and how they fall apart to come together.


We are the stories,

and our bodies books

that fade with the telling.


(Mad Orphan Lit, 9 April 2021, ebook, 68 pages, copy from publisher, #BlogTour 20 April via @PoeticBookTours)




This is a new poet for me. I really enjoyed Impermanence. The poems all look at universal themes but have a personal slant to them which I enjoyed reading. I liked the fact the collection contains mixed media such as photographs and images of what appear to be words carved into stone tablet. These features made it a pleasure to read the book. I think the impact would be more in a physical copy of the book and some impact has been lost due to reading a digital copy. I’d like to turn the pages with my fingers and take it all in. The poems are well-written and fully engage your senses. I really enjoyed this.


I live in Irvine in the Scotland with my partner. I work in the Financial Services. I like reading especially Joyce Carol Oates and Stephen King. I write fiction and poetry. I enjoy watching TV (Grimm, Torchwood, Doctor Who, Lip Service, The L Word etc). I like to play video games and am a fan of survival horror especially the Silent Hill franchise. I like to watch movies especially horror and anything where someone dies.

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