#MonstrousHeart by @mckenna_claire

A sensational debut novel perfect for fans of Outlander and The Binding. This is gothic, epic, romantic fantasy at it’s very best, a tale of magic, intrigue on dangerous waters and a love story for the ages.

When Arden Beacon is sent to the lighthouse, she is simply a woman with a job to do. She neither seeks, nor expects, distraction. After years tainted by disappointment, Arden is finally taking up her family’s profession. She must prove herself worthy of her name, for she has nothing else.

But the coast she has been tasked with lighting is far from the world she knows – the salt-swept, backwater town of Vigil is battered by a sea teeming with colossal, ancient beasts. It is a place of secrets, rumours and tight-lipped expectations of a woman’s place.

More than anyone, the folk of Vigil whisper about Arden’s new neighbour, Jonah Riven, hunter of leviathans. He murdered his wife, they whisper – a perfect, golden girl, full of charm and potential. So very different to Arden Beacon.

They say he is as much a monster as his prey, but Arden cannot get this dark stranger out of her head.


It was only when the Coastmaster turned to remonstrate the old man struggling to load the Siegfield’s voluminous trunk that Arden Beacon seized the moment and made her escape.



(@HarperVoyagerUK, 31 March 2020, ebook, 381 pages, borrowed from @GlasgowLib via @OverDriveLibs)


I’ve wanted to read this book for ages since I spotted it by chance while browsing my libraries digital collection. I loved the title, cover and blurb and knew I had to read it. I deserved it but it took weeks for it to become available. I’m glad I got a chance to read it because I loved it. It’s the first book in a series so I look forward to reading what happens to Arden next. The author has an original, impressive voice. I thought the book was very original. I loved the world-building, the characters and place felt so alive. I loved the unique style of magic in the book. This is an incredible read.

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