#Passiflora by #KathyDavis

Passiflora is a collection of poems about our day-to-day struggles with loss, raising children, relationships, aging and creating art, and how the nature that surrounds us informs how we view these challenges and sometimes serves as a source of solace.


Vision failing, she feels the leaves,

looking for butterfly weed, a seedling

from her greenhouse for me to take

in my efforts to flower a field.



(Cider Press Review, 15 February 2021, ebook, 80 pages, copy from the publisher and voluntarily reviewed, #BlogTour 1 April via @PoeticBookTours)




This is a new poet for me. I enjoy taking part in blog tour for poetry collections and borrowing poetry books from the National Poetry Library because I’m always stumbling across new poets and immersing myself in their work. Passiflora was a pleasure to read. I’m not overly fond of poems that use nature as a focus; they’re just not to my taste and I prefer poems with people at their core. Passiflora effortlessly blends human experiences with the natural world. The poems are quite powerful, well-written and engage the senses.


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