Insanity: Short Stories by Cameron Jace

Awaiting the 9th – and final – book in the Insanity Series Season 1 (Mad in Wonderland), here is a collection of three short stories once published between books.

PATIENT 14: Chronicles the history of a mysterious patient in the Radcliffe Asylum. Trapped for years, he has been subject to experiments and secrets visits from Wonderland characters who used him to keep a great secret sealed.

FUNERAL OF MASKS Back in Wonderland, Carter Pillar buries a man who’s been loved by everyone. A man he killed and used his soul for his own mischievous plans. The Cheshire, being the Pillar’s greatest Nemesis had a different plan, one that will affect every ending of the series.

MIRROR MADNESS: (Never released before) 

A Sotheby auction in London offers a vintage mirror, supposedly the first-ever made and polished by German scientist Justus von Liebig. The betting crowd includes Carter Pillar, Alice Wonder, Lewis Carroll, the Red Queen, and a mysterious man who is friends with Lewis. What the Pillar and Alice discover about the mirror is both shocking and mind-bending. From now on the madness is irreversible. Stay tuned for Insanity 9 coming December 10th, plus a full season boxset available only in Christmas time…


The nurse on rollerblades was the fattest in the ward.



(Storykiller Books, 26 October 2019, ebook, 60 pages, bought from @AmazonKindle)




I enjoyed the three stories in this collection (no longer available on Amazon). They take place during different years and different events in the books and dele a little more into the characters, mostly the less-known ones and the lore of the world created in the books. The best stories were Patient 14 and Mirror Madness, the later being the best overall. Patient 14 is set in an asylum similar to the first book where Wonderland monsters torture and kill residents and try to find out the identity of the titular patient and what he knows about six strange keys. Mirror Madness is the longest story and served as a nice prologue to the final book Looking Glass and dealt with events briefly touched in in the book which focus on the author’s version of the strange looking glass from Lewis Carroll’s books.

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