A Life Worth Living by Louise Guy

Are some white lies simply too big to forgive?

Eve and Leah are identical twins—but beyond that, they’re polar opposites. Struggling journalist Leah envies Eve’s seemingly perfect life—the loyal husband, the beautiful twin daughters, the stellar career—little knowing that what Eve longs for most is Leah’s independence.

When a shocking event upends their world, one woman seizes a split-second chance to change everything and follow her sister down a different life path. It’s a spontaneous choice, but there’s no going back. How will she deal with the fallout when covering up one untruth means lying to everyone—about everything?

One thing is clear: both twins have secrets, and both just want to be happy. But what price will they pay to live the life they’ve always wanted?


Leah took a deep breath, let the front door snap shut and checked her watch.



(Lake Union Publishing, 15 October 2020, 365 pages, ebook, borrowed from @AmazonKindle, #KindleLendingLibrary)




I’ve become a huge fan of the author after reading a few of her books over recent months. I grabbed the chance to read another. As expected from previous works, this was an emotional, tar-jerker and roller-coaster of a book. I enjoyed the initial half or so of the book, getting to see both Leah and Eve’s very different lives and the secrets they hide from each other and the people around them. I enjoyed the way the author explores the bond between the twins. The book takes quite dark turn that I really wasn’t expecting and becomes something quite different. I took a few chapters for me to adjust to the sudden change of events, but I couldn’t stop reading. This is a terrific book.

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