#OneInThree by @tessjstimson

Don’t miss this brilliantly twisty new thriller – available to pre-order now

Both of them loved him. One of them killed him . . .

Louise has had to watch her husband, Andrew, start a new family in the four years since he left her. The ‘other woman’ is now his wife – but Louise isn’t ready to let Caz enjoy the life that was once hers, or to let go of the man she still loves.

As Louise starts to dig into Caz’s past, the two women’s pretence of civility starts to slip. But in trying to undermine each other, they discover more about the man they both married.

And when Andrew is murdered at a family party, both women are found standing over the body.

It’s always the wife. But which one?


[His blood is all over both of us]


(@AvonBooksUK, 9 July 2020, 305 pages, ebook, #ARC from the publisher via #NetGalley and voluntarily reviewed, #BlogTour 9 July)




I’d never heard of the author before but the blurb sounded like something I’d enjoy. I thought One In Three was great so I will definitely read more by the author. I knew I was going to enjoy this book after the intense opening sequence. A man’s been murdered and the obvious suspects are his current wife and ex-wife so which one is the more obvious or most likely? The chapters alternate between Louise and Caz gradually revealing the hatred between them both despite the public appearances which suggest everything is amicable between Caz, Louise and Andrew. Both women seem to be poisonous and capable of harming each other but does this mean one of them killed Andrew? I loved the fact you never know who to trust thanks to the author’s excellent use of unreliable narration. Caz feels that Andrew still loves Louise and always put her second even though she’s married to him. Louise thinks Caz is turning her children against her. Andrew is tired of all the bitching and madness. There are also interludes of police witness statements of the murder and events leading up to Andrew’s demise. This is well written, compelling and I had a great time reading it.

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