#TheChosenOnes by @LisaLuciano888

Somebody has to do something. One of the world’s top male skaters is in danger. He will be dead before the end of the Olympics.

“If you can’t stop it, at least find out why it happened. For once, tell the real story.”

Brody Yates has fallen on hard times. Fired from his job as a sports reporter for a major newspaper, he decides to go undercover as a trainer in order to infiltrate the backstage world of figure skating. He has one chance to save someone’s life and to turn his around by breaking the story of a lifetime.

The Chosen Ones, though fictionalized, reveals the secrets behind the sequins against the backdrop of the high pressure sport of world class figure skating. In this non-stop thriller, only one person can win. Not everyone will survive.


[The door to the office should have been shut and locked, but he left it open, half-hoping someone would pass by and hear what he had heard, relieving him of sole responsibility]


(Micro Publishing Media, 1 May 2020, 305 pages, e-book, copy from @FarrowComms and voluntarily reviewed)  




The Chosen Ones appealed to me because it’s set in the world of competitive ice skating, something I have zero knowledge of. I thought this would be interesting and a bit different than the books I usually read. I actually enjoyed reading about the inner working and foibles of competitive ice skating. I’ve no idea how accurate it was and the author could have made it all up but for the most part it rang true. I enjoyed the way relationships between the skaters, the skaters and their coaches and the skaters and their fans are explored. The story is focused through the eyes of a reporter determined to find out if one the skaters is being targeted thanks to an anonymous tip-off. I thoroughly enjoyed this book.


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