Another Ruth by Rita J. Khun

It is Berlin 1920, Klara and Lev, from two seemingly irreconcilable worlds, meet during a time of increasing social unrest and prejudice. Their courtship confronts them with the political and racial struggles in Germany during this turbulent period. Klara and Lev, caught in Berlin’s upheaval during the rise of National Socialism, must ask themselves who they really are. What are their core values? What, in a world gone mad, is the value of love? The author, Rita Kuhn wrote Another Ruth to pay tribute to her mother, Frieda Kuhn. A woman of unfailing courage and devotion. It is a fiction story based on true events. Rita’s inspiration comes from family lore, old photographs, and family documents. Rita published her memoir, Broken Glass. Broken Lives: A Jewish Girl’s Survival Story in Berlin, 1933-1945.


[The month of May in the year 1920 had come to Berlin with all its beneficence of spring colours, warmth, and blue skies – as though to make up for the grim winter months its citizens had to endure]


(@CactusMoonBooks, 11 March 2018, 346 pages, copy from @BethBarany and voluntarily reviewed)




I’d never heard of the author before and sparsely read historical fiction. But something about this made me want to read it. The title. The front cover which I really like. The blurb touched me. I got caught up this book after reading just a few pages and found myself really swept into the story. I haven’t read a lot of fiction set in Berlin. The author brings this city and the era to vivid and memorable life. I enjoyed the love story between Klara and Lev, I rooted for them from the start. I loved the fact the book is based on real events.

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