The Tech by @MarkRavine

Special Agent Alexandra Cassidy has made a career of disobeying orders, challenging

bigwigs, and asking uncomfortable questions. But what offends her superiors most is that

her intolerable antics have earned her one of the best track records in the FBI.

It’s too bad, some cases are better left unsolved.

When Cassidy is transferred to the backwaters of Arizona, she finds herself leading a crew

with so many black marks on their records, it’s a miracle any of them remain employed.

Thankfully, their first case pretty much solves itself. But as Cassidy and her team continue

throwing bad guys behind bars, a creeping sense of suspicion grows. The cases are easy, a

little too easy, and troubling patterns become impossible to ignore.

Then things take a violent turn, and an elusive figure steps forward to help. But in a conspiracy big enough to topple kings, every player has an agenda—and misplaced trust will have devastating consequences.


[There were four of them, all dressed in black]


(@DawnHillPub, 3 February 2020, e-book, 463 pages, copy from the publisher and voluntarily reviewed)




This book sounded intriguing. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I’m glad I read it. The cover is a bit cheesy and doesn’t do the book justice as it’s a pretty decent thriller with twists, turns and shenanigan’s that made every page enjoyable. It’s a bit lighter than similar books I’ve read but quite original. I found it hard to put down when I got into the book. I look forward to reading the author’s next release. 

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