Darkness Forbidden by J.M. Rankin

What you can’t have, you can never resist.

Immortal, ruthless, cunning…

Obsessed with the fatally seductive and evil Nadia, Alex Demeter finds himself intrigued by Catrina, a human with a past she cannot escape.

Disturbed by his distraction, Nadia wagers the ultimate prize – the one thing Alex could never have.

As Nadia’s games grow more sadistic, Alex’s own past is brought horrifically to the surface. Forced to face truths he would rather stay hidden, the humans around him soon find themselves pawns in a game they could never understand.

Sparks fly in this dark tale of obsession as Alex and Nadia play dangerous games of sex and betrayal.


[It was definitely not a suitable day for hunting ghosts]


(Scorpius Books, 14 December 2012, e-book, 391 pages, copy from the publisher and voluntarily reviewed)




I’d never heard of the author before, but I haven’t read much horror recently so decided it was time for a change. The book had some great stuff and not so great. There is a lot of sex in the book and to be honest I could have done without it, it’s very stereotypical of vampire novels and got in the way of the good stuff, plot and characters. The violence is a little OTT at times, even for a vampire novel but mostly relevant to the book and not for its own sake. This reminded me of the Twilight books which I thought were great. This is a character driven book and I rally engaged with Nadia and Alex, even though they’re vampires. This is a well-written book, with good descriptions and very engaging. I’m surprised by how much I enjoyed it.

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