Fault Lines by Clarissa Sofía

This book is an exploration of relationships between people and places, love, death, and mental health, specifically depression and anxiety. Clarissa shares her journey as a young woman growing into her adult skin through poetry and self-portraiture. In this collection, Clarissa questions our current society and tackles ways of dealing with the reality of what it means to be conscious, conveying self-acceptance as the highest form of rebellion.


[If I go missing / don’t reach for me before I have burnt IF I GO MISSING]


(Independently Published, 3 April 2020, 134 pages, paperback, #ARC from the poet and voluntarily reviewed)




First off, this paperback is lovely in its own right, the cover feels nice and textured and the book is well laid out. This is a book that demands you pick it up and read it. I loved all of the poems; some of them were quite beautiful. Sofía is an incredibly talented poet and her work is among the best I’ve read. I love discovering new poets so can’t wait to read her next collection. Each poem contains impressive imagery and vivid prose descriptions. I cannot fault a single poem. Fault Lines is quite breath-taking. The pictures scattered throughout complement the poems as well. There are some nude and semi-nude imagery which I wasn’t expecting but I’m not a prude so this wasn’t an issue.


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