Beautifully Chaotic by @danielleholian_

Beautifully Chaotic is a poetry collection that shows a progression from isolation to survival – with stories about sexuality, trauma of sexual assault, heartbreak, feminism, and learning how to survive through thriving times. Each poem is crafted with an expression of empowerment, love, and truth. Danielle’s raw and relatable poetry celebrates the beauty in life and mourns the chaos. Her work transports readers to intimate places that reach private emotions of love and loss. The essence of it all is to show that life goes on through the loving, bad and confusing times. The book is split into four chapters of Destruction, Purpose, Mourning, and Healing.


[When life becomes calm / I sit and wait in silence / surrendering the pain in anticipation / quietly waiting for the next storm BREWING UP A STORM]


(Independently Published, 4 February 2019, 220 pages, ebook, copy from the poet and voluntarily reviewed)




I found these poems incredibly moving, almost heart-breaking at times. They resonated on every level. I could tell after reading a few poems that these came from the heart and the poet was sharing her own life, pain and experiences. I draw on my own life and experiences for my poetry and have a soft spot for poets who do the same. The collection is split into sections and each section explores a different set of experiences. The poems touch on rape, physical abuse and emotional abuse and can get very painful to read at times.

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