The Time Hunters by @carlashmore

Becky is a typical thirteen year old girl. She likes Facebook, gossiping and plenty of sleep. So when she and her brother, Joe, are invited to stay with their ‘loony’ Uncle Percy at his stately home, she thinks it’ll be the worst summer ever. What she doesn’t realise is that Bowen Hall is also home to a baby Triceratops, two Sabre-tooth tigers and the mythic hero, Will Scarlet…

‘The Time Hunters’ is a thrilling adventure that takes Becky, Joe, Uncle Percy and Will on a quest through time to find the legendary Golden Fleece.

The Clock is ticking….


[Bernard Preston shut the door to number 17 Cromwell Gardens and scurried down the steps onto the bustling street, acting as casually as he could]


(Independently Published, 2 October 2010, 279 pages, ebook, borrowed from @AmazonKindle via #PrimeReading) 




I had a really good time reading this book. It reminded me a lot of Tomb Raider or Indiana Jones. I love books that feature time travel. There’s something that appeals to me about it. The book is very easy to read and sheer pleasure. There’s time travel, nefarious characters and shady plots akin to a Sherlock Holmes mystery. The characters are fresh, well-written and interesting. The author did his work researching well known figures, creature and artefacts. This was a delight to read. As it’s the first book in a series, the ending has a suitable cliffhanger. I might check out the other books.

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