There’s No Place like Home by@EdanL

In a climate-ravaged future, it’s not easy to grow up. One girl is trying her best in a story about global catastrophe and personal chaos, by the New York Times bestselling author of California.

Thirteen-year-old Vic is of the Youngest Generation, fixed in prepubescence after a catastrophic environmental degradation. She’s also her father’s favourite student. But when he takes his own life, the perennially ingenuous Vic wants to understand why. As she sets out on her quest, Vic begins to learn that family isn’t something you’re born with—it’s something you build.

Edan Lepucki’s There’s No Place like Home is part of Warmer, a collection of seven visions of a conceivable tomorrow by today’s most thought-provoking authors. Alarming, inventive, intimate, and frightening, each story can be read, or listened to, in a single breath-taking sitting.


[Before Daddy died in the sauna, he’d been talkingabout Italy]


(AmazonOriginal Stories, 30 October 2018, ebook, 30 pages, Prime Reading)


At last, a story in the Warmer serieswhere climate change is actually an important part of the tale. I was startingto think I’d blinked and missed it. This is the best story in the series so farbecause it does what it says on the tin. Hurrah! I loved the story from startto finish. The world building is spot on for such a short piece. I got a realsense of the possible future inhabited by Vic and the adults in her life. Vicand others her age are unable to grow up, stuck in puberty because of anenvironmental mess. This really upset me for some reason. I liked the way theauthor still had the messed up environment of Vic’s world central to the storywhile focusing on smaller details such as the death of Vic’s father and hermother confronting an open family secret.


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