27, With A White Lighter by @MissJSquared

 Jennifer Juan returns, to share her early onset midlife crisis, with her fifth major poetry collection, 27, With A White Lighter. A reflection of her life so far, and what the future holds, Juan muses over romance, the meaning of life, drug culture, sexuality, Brexit, and so much more. The collection includes the poem “Toyland”, a playful look at first loves and the dangers of romance, which was recently shortlisted for the Zealous.co “Zealous Stories: Poetry” competition. Full of contemplative verses, in her signature raw and empathetic style, Juan guides the reader through her most personal and reflective work yet, discussing the facts of life, from the perspective of an inquisitive millennial, toying with the past and looking towards the future.


[I lost so much / asleep in a cell / white tigers paced outside / drinking Spanish brandy / doing their best to tear me from the safety of my sweet dreams GREY]  


(Self-Published, 3 December 2018, ebook, 97 pages, copy via the poet and voluntarily reviewed)




This is my first time reading the poet.

I really enjoyed 27, With a White Lighter. This collection contains some fantastic examples of contemporary poetry. The poems deals with universal themes most people can relate to so are very accessible. The poems are vivid, powerful and intense at times. I enjoyed the collection so much I read it in one sitting. I particularly enjoyed Charlie, Rainforest, Parma Violet Prince, Summer Sun, Personal and First Kiss. I would definitely read more of this poet’s work.



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