Zombies, Run! The Way of All Flesh by Naomi Alderman

It’s barely a few months since the shambling dead began to rise.

Now nine people are trapped together in an English country house by the zombie horde outside. There’s a journalist, a student, a professor, a surgeon, a housekeeper, a math teacher, a bank clerk, a taciturn Scotswoman, and a celebrity actor. They are strangers to each other. There would be no reason for any of them to harm the others. And yet… before their first night in the house is over, one of them will be dead, and it will be clear to the others that among their number is a murderer.

Set in the universe of the worldwide best-selling app Zombies, Run! this is a murder mystery like no other. Why would anyone still want to kill a fellow human, even after the zombie apocalypse? And having started, can they be stopped? The desire for vengeance, after all, is the way of all flesh.


(Audible Studios, 2 March 2018, audiobook, 1 hour 50 minutes, various narrators, Audible)




Zombies, Run! The Way of All Flesh was a fun listen, not great but not terrible either.

I enjoyed the premise, a group of apparent strangers end up seeking refuge during the zombie apocalypse and discover they are in the company of a murderer.

The episodes contain a range of special effects that pull you into the story. The narrators were good for the most part, though some the characters were a bit over-the-top and cheesy.

I enjoyed the audiobook a lot more when the action doesn’t focus on the zombies but rather the murder, the secrets these not-so-randomly thrown together people are keeping and the tenuous threads that link them.



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