Bard: The Short Story Collection

Leading authors draw on themes of arrival, discovery and destination in a collection of six contemporary fiction works written especially for Audible. Commissioned for audio format, these stories are performed by narrators with an acknowledgement to the medieval culture of bards – professional storytellers.

In this collection, Claire Fuller and Marina Lewycka explore ‘discovery’ at different times of our lives; Chigozie Obioma and Adam Thirlwell consider their protagonists’ long-held desires through ‘destination’; and Sarah Hall and Joanne Harris view ‘arrival’ through negotiating life-changing events.

Bard is one of three short story collections written by our favourite best-selling novelists and emerging authors, and curated based on the themes of arrival, discovery and destination. Jali collates science fiction tales while Skald features six crime stories.

As an Audio Show – free for members – when you add Bard: The Short Story Collection to your library, you’ll get all 6 episodes.


(Audible Studios, 10 April 2018, audiobook, 3 hours 40 minutes, various narrators, Audible)



  • Responsible Adult by Claire Fuller
  • The Secrets by Marina Lewycka
  • Birdlime by Chigozie Obioma
  • Story With Cacti by Adam Thirlwell
  • Sudden Traveller by Sarah Hall
  • The Wood Between The Worlds by Joanne Harris




I really enjoyed the stories in this collection. They are much more to my taste than Jali.

The two stand-out stories are Birdlime by Chigozie Obioma and The Wood Between Worlds by Joanne Harris.

Birdlime deals with the sinister repercussions of a teenage crush gone wrong. The Wood Between Worlds deals with getting old, possibly having Alzheimer’s. This story moved me to tears. It’s not until the final few, devastating lines that the true point of the story is revealed. I cried a little.

The other stories were great to listen to but these two shone a little bit more.

Responsible Adult has a great POV character in a nine-year old boy with an undertone of menace. The Secrets deals with two women, neighbours but strangers trying to be a little less lonely. It was very sweet. I loved the second person POV of Sudden Traveller. I love this narrative style but it can be hard to do well.

Story with Cacti is the weakest story in the collection. This doesn’t mean it was a bad story. I enjoyed it but not as much as the other stories.



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