Unheard(The Story of Anna Winslow) by Anthony Del Col

University student Anna Winslow has gone missing. The circumstances of her disappearance are far from ordinary, a fact that only fellow student Melissa Lopez appears to appreciate. Motivated by an unexplained and disturbing voicemail message from Anna on the night of her disappearance, Melissa’s curiosity quickly turns into a deeper investigation, an obsession even, which she chronicles as a regular podcast – the very recordings that you are about to listen to. She quickly discovers that Anna was a loner with hearing difficulties and had disappeared for a week earlier in the year, only to return with perfect hearing, but with increasingly unstable behaviour.


(Audible Studios, audiobook, 14 September 2017, Audible)




I loved this Audible Original Drama, the first I’ve actually listened to. I only got it because it was free for a period and I’m glad I took a chance on it.

Unheard: The Story of Anna Winslow is a brilliant example of what I think an audiobook should be, a more interactive experience rather than someone just reading a book.

I liked the fact each character was narrated by someone different. These all come across as real character and at times I felt like I was listening to a radio drama or play. I loved the twists and turns the plot takes as Melissa is pulled deeper and deeper into the mystery.

Unheard: The Story of Anna Winslow uses different forms of media to convey the story other than straight narration such as podcasts and mobile phone messages. I really liked this.

Unheard: The Story of Anna Winslow is full of twists and turns and I really had no idea what Melissa was going to stumble on next. The ending and the truth about what happened is incredibly sad.

I listened to this during a twelve-hour night shift and it freaked me out a few times. I got completely sucked into the story and lost sense of where I actually was. I also loved the background noises used to add tension and suspense at key moments.


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