Wuthering Heights

Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë,
Published by Wordsworth Classics
Published 1 May 1997 (first published 1847)
245 pages

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Set on the stormy moors of northern England, this classic novel is filled with the cruel and ecstatic love between the characters Heathcliff and Catherine. As they grow together as children and later as lovers, the conflicts of class and an all-consuming passion overwhelm the inhabitants of Wuthering Heights.


1801 – I have just returned from a visit to my landlord – the solitary neighbour that I shall be troubled with.


I really wanted to enjoy Wuthering Heights – it sounded so good, doomed love, sweeping moors and madness. It sounded like a gothic treat and my head was swayed by the rave reviews. But, to be perfectly blunt, it bored the tits off me. I found the prose a slog to get through. I really don’t like the style the book is written in. The dense prose put me off and because of this I couldn’t enjoy anything about the book. I just kept thinking, oh, God, how long will it take me to slog through this chapter? And someone put me out of my misery, now. I challenged myself to read three ‘classic’ novels this year and Wuthering Heights was a failure. I also hated Heathcliff – he was a demented ogre most of the time and laughable the rest of the time. Catherine wasn’t much better. I just can’t enjoy a book when I dislike characters so much. They have to have some spark of decency to make me care and stick with them. I really hated this book. It bored me and ticked me off and I had an unpleasant time reading it. Not for me this one.




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