This Must Be The Place

This Must Be The Place by Maggie O’Farrell
Published by Tinder Press
Published 20 April 2017
512 pages
Library book

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A reclusive ex-film star living in the wilds of Ireland, Claudette Wells is a woman whose first instinct, when a stranger approaches her home, is to reach for her shotgun. Why is she so fiercely protective of her family, and what made her walk out of her cinematic career when she had the whole world at her feet?

Her husband Daniel, reeling from a discovery about a woman he last saw twenty years ago, is about to make an exit of his own. It is a journey that will send him off-course, far away from the life he and Claudette have made together. Will their love for one another be enough to bring Daniel back home?


There is a man.


I really enjoyed This Must Be The Place (great title by the way). O’Farrell is a great writer. The prose is fantastic and I couldn’t stop reading once I started. I loved Daniel and Claudette, they had good and bad aspects (Claudette being a bit loco is just one thing) which made them very well. I loved and hated them both at times and wanted to bang their heads together. Daniel comes across as quite horrible at times and I never really liked him but he’s so well written. I loved the scope of the novel, spanning decades and continents. I loved the non-linear structure. I do like this kind of book when it’s well written and I can follow what’s going on. O’Farrell pulls this off with great skill. I loved how I got to see into the personal life of characters. I thought the ending was great. I loved This Must Be The Place, this is book to get lost in and would recommend it.




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