How to Wear This Body REVIEW COPY

How to Wear This Body by Hayden Saunier
Published by Terrapin Books
Published 18 June 2017
77 pages
Review copy

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I was given a copy by the publisher and voluntarily reviewed it.


If you want to learn how to live on this planet, read How to Wear This Body, a lyric and riveting book uniquely suited to help us survive the hard facts of our existence and to do so with wit and courage, intelligence and grace. Yes, everything is coming to an end. / The way it does each hour of the day. No better night for carnivals, you say. In wry and wise poem after poem, Hayden Saunier offers us heady wine and late-season asparagus, companionable dogs and grandmothers dropping the wide straps of their brassieres, roadside theatre and heart surgery while sleeping, grief and the wherewithal to brave it, and in every poem room is left / for the cracked-// open door of the ordinary miracle.


From Performing Heart Repair Surgery At 2AM While Asleep

See, there’s no blood
The skin is a smooth waxy planet…


This is my first time reading this poet.

I really enjoyed the poems is How To Wear This Body (great title by the way). The poems in this collection are bold and vivid. Hayden plays with imagery and the idea of being human. I enjoyed this collection. How To Wear This Body contains the kind of poems I could read again and again, drawing out more meaning each time. I love those kinds of poems. Some poems are simple; their message is easy to understand, plain and straight to the point. Some poems are complex, their true meaning only revealed after multiple readings. The poems in this collection fall into the latter category. My favourites were Snowblower, Hard Facts (Vengeance), 14 Degrees Below Zero In The Grocery Store Parking Lot and Shape Shifting. This is an enjoyable collection of poems and I would recommend it.




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