Grim Tidings

NETGrim Tidings by Nancy Wallace
Published by HarperVoyager
Published 11 August 2016
400 pages

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I was given a review copy by the publisher via NetGalley and voluntarily reviewed it.


Book two in the sumptuous Wolves of Llisé trilogy. As the son of Llisé’s ruler, Devin Roche knows its laws only too well. It’s a land where keeping historical records is forbidden. To do so would mean imprisonment – or death. Only bards may share the histories of their provinces, but Devin’s quest to learn from them ended in tragedy. His best friend Gaspard has been kidnapped, Master Bards are being murdered and whole communities are disappearing. Clearly someone doesn’t want Devin to know the true history of Llisé. With his guard Marcus and a wolf pack for protection, Devin sets out to discover the truth. But as terrible secrets come to light, Devin realizes that some knowledge can be deadly.


At sunrise, they found the first body. They might have missed it entirely had the wolves not been searching off the trail. It lay hidden by brush in a small ravine; the left hand clawed the ground, fingers half buried in earth. The wolves whined and pawed before lifting their muzzles to seek their master’s guidance.


Grim Tidings is just as the first book in the series, Among Wolves. This book is a bit more developed with the villains and their motivations becoming a bit clearer. Knowledge is power continues to be a theme from a different slant, the use of misinformation. This gave me chills a few times because I can see clear links to today’s world. Trust is also a major theme. I also liked the fact the setting for this book is different from Among Wolves so the world is bigger place second time around. The characters are more developed and I felt like I got to know them a lot more. This book also ends on a cliff-hanger. I look forward to book 3 and would recommend Grim Tidings.




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