Dark Cities

Dark Cities
Published by Titan Books
Published 16 May 2017
400 pages
Review Copy

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In shadowy back alleys, crumbling brownstones, and gleaming skyscrapers, cities harbour unique forms of terror. Here lie malicious ghosts, cursed buildings, malignant deities, and personal demons of every kind.

Twenty of today’s most talented writers bend their skills toward the darkness, creating brand-new tales guaranteed to keep you awake at night– especially if you live in the dark cities.

Far worse than mythical creatures such as vampires and werewolves, these are horrors that lurk in the places you go every day–where you would never expect to find them. But they are there, and now that you know, you’ll never again walk the streets alone.


From The Dogs

Her real name wasn’t rose – that was just what she used when she met guys on Craigslist: Rose or Rosa or Rosemary or even Rosaline (but mostly Rose)


Dark Cities is a great collection of contemporary horror stories. I love it. I thought every story was great. The stories are not what you traditionally think of as horror stories, but the tales are dark and sinister. I loved every one. The stories are dark sinister and creepy as hell. I’ll think twice about walking along through city streets at night after reading these. I must confess I had bit of a Buffy fan-girl when I read Amber Benson’s story (she played Tara in case you didn’t know). I loved every story but the ones that unsettled me the most were In Stone, What I’ve Always Done, The Maw and The Stillness. I’d highly recommend this collection.




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  1. Jusifraaof says:

    I like short stories written by famous authors like shikove, joyce, Bunin, also the old philoshers like chechron, loucian and kalimak-i not find any about even now and i am looking forward to read his books, he is big.

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