Everything But The Truth

NETEverything But The Truth by Gillian McAllister
Published by Penguin
Published 9 March 2017
432 pages

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Just how much can you trust the person you love?

Everything but the Truth is Gillian McAllister’s stunning breakthrough thriller about deceit, betrayal and one woman’s compulsive need to uncover the truth.

It all started with the email.

Rachel didn’t even mean to look. She loves Jack and she’s pregnant with their child. She trusts him.

But now she’s seen it, she can’t undo that moment. Or the chain of events it has set in motion.

Why has Jack been lying about his past? Just what exactly is he hiding? And doesn’t Rachel have a right to know the truth at any cost?


It ended with an accusation I never thought I’d make, thrown across the room at him like a grenade.


I really enjoyed Everything But The Truth. This is a different sort of thriller than I’m used to and I really liked it. This novel is packed with tension and is quite intense and uncomfortable at times. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started reading the book. I geared myself up for a run-of-the-mill thriller about someone with dark secrets and got something very different. I thought Rachel was a great character and I loved her voice. I had complete sympathy for her – her quest to uncover the truth after discovering enormous lies was very believable. I would have acted the same way she did. I really didn’t like Jack at times. Given what happened, I understood his motivations but found myself furious with his botched way of handling it and the lies he kept telling Rachel. I wanted to slap him across the face. In the end, when Jack tells Rachel the whole truth my opinion of him completely changed. I thought Everything But The Truth was great. I’d recommend it.




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