The Bones Below

The Bones Below by Sierra DeMulder
Published by Write Bloody Publishing
Published 15 March 2010
71 pages

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A clear voice of her generation, Sierra DeMulder’s writing offers a gritty, sincere perspective on the subtle joys and modern pains of living. Her debut collection The Bones Below delicately carries the reader to a place of brutal, beautiful honesty. DeMulder’s personal revelations complete a touching portrait of the young artist and her fearless exploration of the human experience, bare in its rawest and most tender forms.


From At First Sight

When she stops kissing you
With her mouth open,
Find the screw driver.


DeMulder has become one of my favourite poets after reading this fantastic collection and her collection Today Means Amen. The Bones Below is a striking collection of contemporary poems. I loved it. This collection contains poems that I love the most, emotional, deep, intense poems about human frailty and emotions. Thankfully, there are no poems about trees or meadows or baby lambs to be seen. The subject matter of The Bones Below is diverse and includes everything from ex’s, a shooting and the mother of Jeffrey Dahmer. Some of my favourites include During the Month It Took You to Leave Me, I Crashed Your Car, Mrs Dahmer, Static and To the Woman Hitting on My Boyfriend. My favourite lines come from To the Woman Hitting on My Boyfriend:

Ask me, what light through
Yonder window breaks?
It will be your fucking face.




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