Laura by Amy Cross
Published by Dark Season Books
Published 2 January 2017
341 pages

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“You don’t think this could be about Laura, do you?”

Ten years ago, they were all friends. Ten years ago, something terrible happened. Ten years ago, they agreed to take the truth about Laura to their graves. All they had to do was forget, and keep their mouths shut.

But when a hidden force starts cutting them down one by one, in a series of increasingly horrific incidents, the remaining friends are forced to face the truth.

Somehow, Laura has come back.

Laura is a horror story about six people who thought they could hide the truth, and about the girl who returns from the grave to make them all pay.


‘Leave’ I reply, tilting my head slightly.


Laura turned out to be better than I expected but still wasn’t very great. I wasn’t enjoying the book for at least 50% of it. Cross knows how to write horror fiction, I’m not disputing that. However, there was nothing particularly original or interesting about Laura. So many authors write horror and it’s hard to do really well (aka Stephen King). Laura is a run-of-the-mill horror novel about a dead girl who comes back from the grave to get revenge on her mean friends. The plot is pretty standard horror fare. I was expecting something more and a lot more original. The characters were all okay but came out of a tin labelled BOG STANDARD HORROR CHARACTERS. I found Victoria particularly irritating, even after I found out what was going on. Things take an interesting turn towards the end of Laura when we find out one of the friends was nastier than anyone else but this was too late to redeem what is a run-of-the-mill horror yarn. Been there, done that about a thousand times. I would only recommend Laura to people who are total horror fans.




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