Route 66 And Its Sorrows

Route 66 and Its Sorrows by Carolyn Miller
Published by Terrapin Books
Published 12 January 2017
67 pages
Review copy

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I was given a copy of this book by the publisher and voluntarily reviewed it.


Carolyn Miller is a lyric poet of redeeming grace and intense clarity. Her poems are grounded in a sense of the marvellous, as if viewing life through a jewel, transforming the dark world of memory and desire into a luminous presence. She is a master of distilled moments. The mood of the poems in Route 66 and Its Sorrows is both elegiac and celebratory. She returns us to what is nurturing in our lives and in the world: -everywhere / cicadas and crickets are rasping out their brief sentient lives, / and off in the woods a whippoorwill keeps calling / that each moment is sweeter and more precious / than any you will ever taste again.- I read her poems with admiration and deep pleasure.–Joseph Stroud.


From Route 66 And Its Sorrows

October already, the mornings dark and rain coming back
like the past, people and places I thought I had forgotten….


 This is my first time reading the poet and it won’t be my last. I really enjoyed this collection of poems. This collection is packed with poems that use rich language and powerful imagery. Miller is a talented poet and knows how to write beautiful poems. Route 66 and Its Sorrows was a pleasure to read. I particularly enjoyed the title poem, Rapture, Things I Left Behind, RSVP and What To Remember. I would highly recommend this collection of poems.




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