March Round-Up On The Book Lover’s Boudoir

So, I have a new thing to try. I’ve started to keep a spreadsheet for 2017 with a tab for every month listing the books I’ve read, the source (i.e. NetGalley) and the rating I gave it.

This means I can see across the year how many books I’ve read and I can also choose my book of the month every month which makes it easier when I post my top books in December.

As part of this I’ve decided to start monthly round-up’s with links to the books I’ve read as well as choosing my read of the month. Click on the images below to be directed to the review.

These are in reading order.

In March I read 29 books:

23717107 cover103588-medium cover106119-medium.png

30962604 798ac671-6f96-4083-abbd-73e10273774fimg400 26889441

19796098 27861805 33827568

34078564 24891913 31921113

32894545 33828534.jpg 29534007.jpg

15973 33302196 26831852

51og8uqrofl-_sx324_bo1204203200_ 32939533.jpg  30627326

32073069.jpg 32202661 18726473

25426001 51hx2z5etyl-_sx324_bo1204203200_ 33949479


I had a lot of 5 star reviews in March but my book of the month was:





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