From A Poison Pen Volume II by B.P Smythe REVIEW

From a Poison Pen - Volume IIFrom A Poison Pen Volume II by B.P Smythe
Published by Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Published 2 September 2016
240 pages
Review copy

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The author gave me a copy of this book and I voluntarily reviewed it.


From the extraordinary mind of B.P. Smythe comes a compilation of short stories.

This collection of dark, humours and macabre tales explores the disturbing side of human nature.

From a Poison Pen II is the second book of collected short stories in the trilogy.


From Wanting To Be Loved

It had taken two hours to dig the hole. The silence of the as the spade stopped was overwhelming. Only peppered by the small night time traffic.


From A Poison Pen Volume II isn’t quite a good as the first volume but is still an enjoyable collection of dark stories. My favourite story was the opening story, Wanting To Be Loved. This story was creepy and unsettling and chilled me to the bone. I thought Roxanne was the weakest story in the collection. The story was good but I felt it was far too long and rambled towards the end. Of the remaining stories I enjoyed Sleepers, Twilight of the Dogs and Rupert the most. The other stories work well. Overall, From A Poison Pen Volume II works well as a collection of stories with some slightly better than others. I’d recommend this collection.




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