Twisted Volume One REVIEW

Twisted: 50 Contemporary Shockers from the most terrifying new writers of horror...Twisted Volume One
Published by Create50
Published 20 October 2016
329 pages
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I voluntarily reviewed this book after being given a copy Lucy V Hay.


50 stories from 50 disturbed voices of modern horror… Twisted 50 Volume 1 is a deliciously dark slice of contemporary horror literature. Reading it is like attending a late night secret banquet where you know each course will serve up something unexpected, forbidden and unforgettably chilling. Take your private seat now for 50 luscious courses of terror, from 50 of the strongest voices in modern horror.


 From Bitten by Kendall Castor-Perry

‘Use by December 2010’. Seriously? Well, I’m sorry but I didn’t get bitten back in 2010, did I, itch cream that reduces irritation and swelling, I got bitten this morning. You’ll just have to ooze out of retirement and do your job, won’t you.


I thought Twisted was great. I’m a huge fan of horror fiction. I love stories that unsettle me and make my flesh crawl. I hate stories that use gore simply for shock value. Thankfully, no stories in Twisted fall into the latter category. There was some gore in the collection (with 50 stories that’s to be expected) but the gore was relevant to the story. Twisted contains some of the best examples of horror fiction I’ve read in years. I loved every story. Most story collections or anthologies have a few duds. Twisted is the exception. The stories are all fantastic and hugely enjoyable. I have a few persona favourites; Bite by Kendall Castor-Perry, doG Lived by Troll Dahl, Insects by Caroline Slocock, Itch by Karen Heard, A Curious Boy by Josh Saltzman and Killer Hells by Sasha Black. The best story in the collection is Do Blastocyts Dream of Foetal Sheep? By Alex Thompson. This story is a bit gory and so unsettling it made my flesh crawl. The story is narrated by a foetus that plots revenge when it’s mother tries a home abortion with a curved blade. Twisted is a fantastic collection of horror stories and a must for any fan of horror fiction. I’d highly recommend it.




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