Lazy Blood by Ross Greenwood ARC REVIEW

new coverLazy Blood by Ross Greenwood
Published by Bloodhound Books
Ebook ARC
First released 20 January 2016 (due for re-release on 6 September 2016)
272 pages
Publisher ARC

Author Website

I was given an ARC of this book by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


Will has drifted through life paying little attention to the decisions he made or the consequences of his action.

From his prison cell he finally understands how his casual descent into serious crime threatens to destroy everything.

Looking back over thirty years Will examines his friendships, the frailty of life and how your world can fall apart in the blink of an eye.

This laugh-out-loud and harrowing drama follows the story of an average man and explores what goes on behind prisons walls.

Full of very real characters and no nonsense prose this book is not to be missed.


Prison. Again. This time though, people have died.


I really enjoyed Lazy Blood. The book took a while to get going but once it did I found it a pleasure to read. I enjoyed the flashbacks to Will’s past and his gradual descent into serious crime, caused in part by one of his best friend’s. The structure works really well, moving back and forth with ease from the present in prison and snapshots of Will’s past. I enjoyed the flashbacks into his past the most and was glad that there are only a few chapters set in the present. Will is in prison for getting into some serious shit but he is nevertheless a great, likable character. Despite what he’s done he isn’t a monster, he’s an ordinary guy who turned a blind eye to the dodgy dealings of someone he’s known all his life. He saw what was happening but pretended not to see because he didn’t want to face the truth. His complacently has serious consequences. The ending of Lazy Blood knocked my socks off. Lazy Blood is great and I’d highly recommend it.




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