The Quality of Silence by Rosamund Lupton REVIEW

The Quality of SilenceThe Quality of Silence by Rosamund Lupton
Published by Little, Brown
Published 2 July 2015 (first published 28 April 2015)
340 pages
Library book

Author’s Website


On 24th November Yasmin and her deaf daughter Ruby arrived in Alaska.

Within hours they were driving alone across a frozen wilderness.

Where nothing grows.

Where no one lives.

Where tears freeze.

And night will last for another 54 days.

They are looking for Ruby’s father.

Travelling deeper into a silent land.

They still cannot find him.

And someone is watching them in the dark.


Words Without Sounds @Words-No-Sounds – 1h


EXCITEMENT: Tastes like popping space dust; feels like the bump-thud as a plane lands; looks like the big furry hood of Dad’s Inupiaq parka.


I enjoyed The Quality of Silence. The novel is set in a remote park of Alaska, a place where only Ice Truckers venture. The setting works really well, creating a great, intense atmosphere. I really liked the way the author portrays Ruby’s character and how she copes with being deaf. This is really well done. I enjoyed the pacing of the novel and the chilling, tense atmosphere. However, there are two things which stopped me from loving The Quality of Silence. Yasmin and Ruby are being followed as they make their way across Alaska searching for Mike. This has the potential to be packed with suspense and tension. I can’t imagine anything more frightening than being stalked in one of the remotest, darkest places in the world. It never quite pans out in the novel. The plot element is a bit of a damp squid. The potential tension and terror of the situation is never really there. The ending sucks as well, it’s a bit rushed and the tension built up in the rest of the novel just sort of deflates. The quality of the writing is excellent and there are some great moments in the book. I would recommend The Quality of Silence.




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