The Woman in the Woods by Louise Mullins ARC REVIEW


TITLE & AUTHOR: The Woman in the Woods by Louise Mullins
PUBLISHER: Bloodhound Books
PUBLISHED: Expected 19 July 2016
PAGES: 269
Source: Publisher




I was given an ARC by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


Reporter, Rachel Harper, begins to investigate the disappearance of a local student. In the hope of redeeming her career, she is determined to find out what happened to Gemma. But beneath the surface of her professional life lies a secret she is too ashamed to confront.

When Gemma’s body is discovered in Leigh Woods, Rachel becomes obsessed with finding her killer. But as the list of suspects mount it is clear that someone is following her every lead.

Can Rachel discover what happened on that cold winter night before her own demons catch up with her?

The Woman in the Woods is an absorbing psychological thriller from the bestselling author Louise Mullins it will appeal to fans of authors like Lisa Hall, Kathryn Croft and CL Taylor.


The spade hits something hard, disturbing the still air. Dusk has fallen and the grass, coated in a thin film of ice, crunches underfoot. The harsh air fills the space between metal and harsh stone and it’s hard to breathe through the stagnant reminder of winter.


The Woman in the Woods is a hugely enjoyable thriller.

This is the kind of book that screws with the reader’s head because there are so many twists and turns and so many questions that form in your head as you read. I thought this was happening or that was happening and this person or that person was Gemma’s killer only for the author to prove time and time again how wrong I was. I liked that my guesses were wrong most of the time. There’s nothing more enjoyable for me than reading a thriller which keeps you guessing and where the author keeps leading you up the garden path, surprising the hell out of you. I really liked the fact that The Woman in the Woods is narrated by different characters including Gemma, Rachel and Gemma’s lover. The narrator for each chapter is well sight-posted so there’s no confusion. The multiple narrators work really well making The Woman in the Woods a complex, thrilling read.

I’d highly recommend The Woman in the Woods and plan to read more of this author.




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