Second Twin (Legend of Rhyme #4) by Jaime Lee Mann ARC REVIEW


TITLE & AUTHOR: Second Twin (Legend of Rhyme #4) by Jaime Lee Mann
PUBLISHER: Blue Moon Publishers
RELEASE DATE: Expected 6 September 2016
PAGES: 163




I was given an ARC of this book by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


Grimblerod has led twins Asher and Ariana Caine back to ancient Rhyme, a time when Calla and Elora were the same age the twins are now. Though the Kingdom of Falmoor is rich with magic, the twins are unable to use their powers. They don’t know whom to trust, where to turn, or how to avoid doing something in the past that may alter the future forever.

Meanwhile, young Teagan Rogers must decide if she is ready to leave behind everything and everyone she knows to follow her mysterious destiny beneath the waves.

Will Teagan choose to become a mermaid?

Will Asher and Ariana get home before changing the course of history forever?

And can enemies truly become friends?


‘THE FIFTH of the second twin is here’ he marvels. ‘I feel it. The plan was successful! The Order is complete’.


Second Twin is the kind of book I’d have loved as a child. What kid doesn’t adore books filled with magic and fairies and magical lands? I’ve read the other books in the Legend of Rhyme series and really enjoyed them. Second Twin is just as enjoyable. The plot really starts to take shape in this book and I felt I knew the characters pretty well. The structure of the novel is quite complex for children’s fiction with constantly moving back and forth in time and switching character viewpoints. I had no trouble following what was going on. My only concern is that some children may struggle to follow this. Second Twin is the longest book in the series so far. There is a lot going on and a lot to look forward to in the next book. My favourite bits were Teagan’s story as she struggled to decide whether to become a mermaid or not. These sections were really fun and engaging. The characters all develop really well and become more fleshed out. Second Twin is hugely enjoyable and kids will love it.





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  1. I’ve started reading the first book yesterday and I can’t say I like it. Sure, the magic elements are fun and all, but the narration and language kills my joy.

    1. I know what you mean. The book is aimed at children so the language is appropriate. I rarely review children’s fiction because of this.

      1. I know it’s for children, but even then the narration should be more personal or they’d loose interest. I’ve tried to imagine telling/reading this story to a kid and even then I’d have to go more personal than how it’s written.

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