New Digital Library Books 26 June 2016

I borrowed two digital library titles.

I’ve started reading them right away.

16308122 The Ice People by Maggie Gee

The book is for the Popsugar Reading Challenge 2016.

I’m reading this for the ‘a science fiction novel’ category.

I chose my book for each category at the end of 2015.

I chose this book because I loved the premise:

It’s the middle of the twenty-first century, and the next Ice Age has suddenly sent global warming into reverse. Saul is one of the Ice People, the threatened peoples of the northern hemisphere, who, watching their world freeze over, try to move south towards the equator…

25994515 A Murder In Time by Julie McElwain

This is the chosen title for the current Big Library Read run by Overdrive who provide digital library books all over the world.

The big library read is a global e-book club. It only takes place every quarter. I’ve always taken part.

I love books that mess around with time so A Murder In Time sounds like something I’ll really enjoy.

These books have put my books I’m currently reading back up to 9 so I’ll be busy for a couple of weeks.


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